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Puppet Shows


  • The King of thKinge Golden River: Based on the tale by John Ruskin. Although the story was written in the late 1800’s, this story of a young boy’s kindness and generosity is needed as much today as in any other generation – demonstrating that anyone can be a hero! It also includes a message about the value of clean, fresh water for everyone. Photos coming soon.


  • DonkeyTalesDonkey Tales! Two stories about donkeys, featuring the honorable animals in Bremen Town Musicians, and a warm hearted child in That Donkey.


  • The Adventures of August and June: A fun way to learn healthful living tips August&June*for children of preschool age and up! Each episode features another topic, presented by Uncle August and his pet baby dragon, June. His nephew, Jimmie, is a frequent visitor to the castle, helping Uncle August and little June learn lifelong skills for staying healthy.


  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff:  Billy Goats copyWhy won’t that troll take a bath? Why was he living under the bridge? Why is this a problem for Bart, Billy, and Bob, the three Billy Goats Gruff? Find out in this fun version of the old tale.



  • The Queen of Hearts: The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts… this version, the Queen is making tarts for her dog! Jolly the Jester is in for a big surprise in this re-telling of the old rhyme. The first in a series featuring Jolly the Jester and the Queen of Hearts: A Jolly Halloween, A Jolly Christmas, A Jolly Birthday! What will he be up to next?


  • The Special Guest: Miss Anna, the local school teacher, waits all day for a very special visitor, meanwhile sharing food and clothing, and administering justice and compassion. Adapted from the story “Martin the Cobbler,” by Leo Tolstoy.