New Website

Annabell with bowsI am finally taking the opportunity to update my website! Well, actually reconstructing the whole thing. I’d rather be making puppets and doing shows than finding my way around building a website, but, the bitter cold is making it easier to sit by the wood stove in a patch of sunlight and get this figured out.

To introduce myself, I have been a puppeteer for well over 25 years. I live in Central Wisconsin on a very small farm. (A friend told us we could officially call it a farm when we got a couple of sheep – “if you have hoofed animals, you have a farm.” I use the wool from Annabelle and Josephine in constructing my puppets, and also when I teach needle felting classes. We also have chickens and a huge garden.

Over the next few blogs, I will share a bit of my history – how and why I became a puppeteer.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please return!